Truly, Madly, Mine (Sweet Fortuity Book 3)


When my brother goes missing, I leave Fortuity on a mission to look for him.
He’s dealt with dangerous people he shouldn’t have gotten involved with.

Only I need a place to stay. And when my aunt’s best friend offers me a place, I say yes.

I didn’t know that I’ll be staying with her son, Travis Moretti, and he’s the last person I want to be asking me questions…
Because it turns out he’s a cop.


My roommate was supposed to be a Denver Collins. 
The last thing I need is a woman that might end up being more trouble than she’s worth.

She smiles a lot. She sees the world in rose-tinted glasses. She trusts too easy.

But I’m finding there’s a whole lot more to her. Eva Denvers has secrets she keeps close, and unraveling them is a challenge I can’t say no to.

Chapter One