Sweet Fortuity Series

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Book 1: Truce or Dare
Book 2: Trouble Next Door
Book 2.5: Unlikely to Fall
Book 3: Truly, Madly, Mine

Offstage Series 

Book 1: For Never and Always
Book 2: Two Hearts and a Lie


Book #1: For Never and Always

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FNAL cover


When he knocked on my door seven years ago to tell me he wanted to follow his dreams, I let him go. And I learnt one thing— some things just aren’t meant for you.

I didn’t think I’d ever see Clay Lyons again, but I’m proven wrong when a lucky trip turns out to be a set-up. He may be one of the biggest country stars now, but he hasn’t changed at all. I just need to remember one thing: best friends—it’s all we ever are. But when we meet again, it’s hard to remember that.


I may be getting a break after my tour, but there’s one person I want to see, and I’ll do what it takes to make it happen.
But things are different this time.
I shouldn’t want to kiss my best friend.
I shouldn’t want to hold her.
But I do. And when the truth comes out, I might just lose the one person who means the most to me.

Chapter One

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Book 2: Two Hearts and a Lie

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Charismatic, chart-topping singer, I was Ryan Carson’s biggest fan…  

Until he became my brother’s best friend, and turns out he isn’t anything like I’d imagined.

But for one reckless night, he kissed me.
Worse, he read my diary. I swore then that he’d become my enemy.

Now my sister’s getting married. The singer she’d chosen to sing her wedding songs? None other than Ryan Carson. He’s as cocky as ever, and a thorn on my side. He’s asking me to be his “arm candy”, like accepting it is so hard to resist.

I can’t wait until this wedding is over.


She’s my best friend’s sister.
She claims she hates me, but when she looks at me with those brown eyes, I know it’s anything but hate.

I make her an offer—help me promote my upcoming album by becoming my fake girlfriend. 

What she doesn’t know? There is no promo.
I let her walk away six years ago. This time, I’ll do my best to keep her.

Chapter One

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