Sweet Fortuity Series

Book 1: Truce or Dare
Book 2: Trouble Next Door
Book 2.5: Unlikely to Fall 

Book #1: Truce or Dare

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Sherry Jasmine Clayton… I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”
One simple question. A question I wasn’t prepared for then. It changed everything.

I walked away then, and I lost it all.

Two years later, a phone call sends me running back to the last place where I thought I’d be- Fortuity.

The plan is to stay for a couple of weeks before I return to Chicago, keeping my head low and avoiding trouble.

Problem is, Chase starts to make my walls crumble. I need to stay away, and this time, he’s determined not to let me go.

And he’s cluing in to why I never said yes.

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Book #2:
Trouble Next Door

Trouble next door clear smallTwo things I absolutely cannot stand:

Ridiculously high heels… and the new guy who moved in next door.

His name is Luke Diaz, part-owner of the best café in Fortuity. He’s arrogant, obnoxious, and he pushes every button I seem to have. Worse, he’s sexy as hell and he knows it— and he makes it clear that he wants me.

But falling in love with him is playing a dangerous game.

Especially since Luke has his own secrets. And he stirs feelings in me I’ve never had with anyone else.

I won’t lose.
I can’t.

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Book #2.5



He never noticed me…

Until we get stuck in an elevator, and he nearly kisses me. And just as the elevator is fixed, everyone sees us in a compromising position.
But he has a girlfriend.
And he says he doesn’t want a relationship.


Her sweet curves and her smile pulls me in every time. 

I don’t have a girlfriend, and now that I know she wants me, I sure as hell wasn’t going to let her go.
But as I search for my missing cousin, someone threatens to tear us apart.
One thing to know about me: I take care of what’s mine.

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