Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone 🙂

Last night a slug decided to visit my sister in bed. We don’t know where it is now and we were too freaked out to sleep! Lol. Still can’t sleep, so I decided to write a new post instead. Great start to the year, I guess?

New, shiny theme. Currently debating what to do about website header, but the thought of making a new one is exhausting. Decided to devote that time to writing book instead.

Newsletter is coming up in a day or two, when I have time to sort things out. New book coming out in a different series, hopefully out next month. I had a meltdown just before Christmas and thought I’d never finish. But it’s finally chugging along nicely, and it makes me so happy.


March last year, we made a puzzle of this ridiculously raggedy landscape that took weeks to finish. Me, my sister, my mum, and my brother, we alternated turns whenever we could until we completed it.

I don’t know how exactly to describe 2017, but I guess it was like a whole pile of jumbled puzzle pieces. Like a desperate attempt to make things fit. Too wide. Too big. Too out of reach. But you know what? It has also been fulfilling in a lot of ways. And maybe the pieces needed to not fit, before they do.

Hope you’ve had a great 2017 everyone. Here’s to 2018.

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