Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone 🙂

Last night a slug decided to visit my sister in bed. We don’t know where it is now and we were too freaked out to sleep! Lol. Still can’t sleep, so I decided to write a new post instead. Great start to the year, I guess?

New, shiny theme. Currently debating what to do about website header, but the thought of making a new one is exhausting. Decided to devote that time to writing book instead.

Newsletter is coming up in a day or two, when I have time to sort things out. New book coming out in a different series, hopefully out next month. I had a meltdown just before Christmas and thought I’d never finish. But it’s finally chugging along nicely, and it makes me so happy.


March last year, we made a puzzle of this ridiculously raggedy landscape that took weeks to finish. Me, my sister, my mum, and my brother, we alternated turns whenever we could until we completed it.

I don’t know how exactly to describe 2017, but I guess it was like a whole pile of jumbled puzzle pieces. Like a desperate attempt to make things fit. Too wide. Too big. Too out of reach. But you know what? It has also been fulfilling in a lot of ways. And maybe the pieces needed to not fit, before they do.

Hope you’ve had a great 2017 everyone. Here’s to 2018.


Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 7.26.39 pm.png


Well, Kindle Unlimited is starting to get me out of this hole lol.

2017-feeling-guilty-goals: Read more. Write more. 😀

In other news, coming up with book titles make me feel stabby. Imaginary holes all over this spreadsheet. ^^

Stuff and Promo


Started Sweet Fortuity novella, which should release end of this month if everything goes well. The hero is a minor character in book 2, and I’m just having fun with it. 10 points if anyone guesses who. 😉

Currently reading The Hating Game. Need to recharge and get out of weird writing funk. I’ve been meaning to read it for so long, but never gotten around to it. So glad I can sneak in some reading now.


Something about book promos drain the soul. x_x Thankfully, this time, I have some help with it.

In the spirit of sharing, a generous person decided to include Trouble Next Door in a spring promo of deals. These are either 0.99 or free:


Spring Romance Promo April 7-9

1)   Marilyn Vix
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Everything For Love (Time Rogues Series #1) ($0.99)

2)   Jana Janeway
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Mengliad (The Mengliad Series Book 1) ($0.99)

3)   Helen Christian
Genre: Paranormal Romance
The Late Shift
Collection of PNR stories from Multiple Authors
(FREE) with newsletter sign-up

4)   Jessa Chase
Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Heart, My Home (FREE)

5)   Cindy Baker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
We Can Laugh Together Too ($0.99)

6)   D. N. Hoxa
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heartbeat (Morta Fox Book 1) ($0.99)

7)   Jessie G. Talbot
The Kid’s Table ($0.99)

8)   Lee Sutherland
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Undead Love ($0.99)

9)   E.C. Sheedy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
California Man ($0.99)

10)    Naomi Stone
Genre: Romantic Modern Fairy Tale Short
Three Wishes (FREE)

11)    Rica Grayson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trouble Next Door ($0.99)

12)    Peggy L Henderson
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Yellowstone Heart Song (FREE)